Dan’s Ace Hardware

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All your hardware needs.

487 N Bear Lake Blvd., Garden City, UT

Phone: 435-946-2279

Website: acehardware.com

Delmas Equipment Services

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Delmas Equipment Services provides welding and fabrication services, both in house and mobile. They are committed to quality and service and have been serving the area since 1998.  They repair all farm equipment, and manufacture high quality bale forks that come with a 10 year warranty to assist farmers in their hay hauling needs.

65 N. Bear Lake Blvd
Laketown, UT 84038

Phone: 435-757-8238

Website: delmasequipmentservices.com

Lutz Construction

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Lutz Construction is a locally based excavation and landscaping company licensed and insured in both Utah and Idaho, and specializing in residential and commercial construction.

506 W Dee Drive
Garden City, UT 84028

Phone: 435-946-8678

Website: diglutzconstruction.com

Bear Lake Home Builders Association

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The Bear Lake Home Builders Association maintains a membership directory that is used by realtors, mortgage companies, and other builders to recommend builders, suppliers, and subcontractors to potential homebuilders in the Bear Lake area.

206 N. Bear Lake Blvd
Garden City, UT 84028

Phone: 435-932-0422

Website: blhba.com

Bear Lake Log Homes, Inc

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Bear Lake Log Homes, Inc builds log and conventional framed houses, and has been for over 30 years. They enjoy the satisfaction of building and the pride that goes along with the finished product.

Idaho area

Phone: 208-945-2988

Website: bearlakeloghomes.com


Kendall Homes

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Kendall Homes specializes in building from the ground up whether you already have land or need help with anything else, they are here to guide you all the way to a luxury home or cabin.

2755 N. Elk Hollow Circle
Garden City, UT 84028

Phone: 435-946-2225

Website: kendallhomesinc.com

Emails: [email protected]